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2017 Summer Training Camp at Anglesea, VIC

Recapping an AWESOME five days away at the YMCA Anglesea Recreation Camp! We hope you all enjoyed the intensity and aren't too sore from all the training 💪😎 A big thanks to our in-house administrators, students, families and friends who came along and showed support. Also, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to those who graded on Saturday! We couldn't be more proud of you all! Well done!

Bowing in at the USMA Taekwondo Summer Camp at Anglesea, VIC.

Running through some basics: Four directional punching 👊

USMA had the privilege of having onsite an excellent strength and conditioning coach, Duncan Kirk (Kirk Health Solutions), who gave us some useful tips and exercises to complete after our intense sparring rounds! Thanks Duncan 🙌

Morning beach training is so refreshing!!!

Special technique practice

BBQ fun in the sun 😎

Our Taekwondo family kicking off 2017 with a bang at USMA's summer training camp at Anglesea 💪😎

What an incredible time! We hope you all enjoyed it. We can't wait for the next USMA training camp in 2018 💪💪 | For enquiries call: 0417 309 755

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