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2016 ITF World Championships, England

Some of our students have just returned home following the 2016 ITF World Championships in Brighton, England. We couldn't be more proud of their incredible achievements in representing Australia on a world stage. This year's medal haul exceeded that of previous campaigns, with the Australian team collectively amassing more than 100 medals during the week-long World Title event, including the ITF International Open day.

Australian Taekwondo Team, USMA Taekwondo

The 2016 Australian Taekwondo team in Brighton, England: Qualifying junior, senior and veteran Taekwondo practitioners from around Australia travelled to the UK to compete in their respective categories in sparring, patterns, special technique and destruction.


Here's some quick highlights from the comp.

USMA Taekwondo representatives met with their counterparts from interstate for some last minute prep work amid the lush backdrop of London's Kensington Gardens prior to heading down to Brighton for the competition which commenced on July 25th.

Pictured: Reunited at last! Team bonding together at Brighton Pier (July 2016)


Flag bearers from many nations | Victoria's Alec Kumar and South Australia's Kim Warner proudly carried the flag for Australia at the opening ceremony. According to officials, this year's ITF World Championships drew more than 1000 competitors from over 45 countries.

The 2016 ITF World Championships kicked off with a glittering spectacle of break dancing, singing and gymnastic entertainment. This was followed by a keynote address by none other than ITF President Choi Jung Hwa (son of General Choi Hong Hi, the Founder of Taekwondo) and English Grand Master Trevor Nicholls, who was tasked with overseeing the fantastic and thoroughly organised event. Other prominent speakers included: Argentinian Grand Master Nestor Galarraga (who will preside over the next World Championship in 2018) as well as the Mayor of Brighton, Pete West, who told the audience he hopes the event will see more people in his city take up Taekwondo as a means of keeping active.

Above: Competitors waiting patiently outside Brighton Centre before the weigh-in.

Pictured: The daily hustle and bustle of entering the stadium at Brighton Centre.

Pictured: Spectators watch on as the matches commence across multiple rings.

Kicking off USMA's medal haul with gusto! Well done to our senior female students: Urmi Burogohain, Lisa Wise and Marcia Tsiros. Amazing work in individual sparring and patterns!

Master Cariotis with Alec Kumar who claimed a bronze medal for adult 2nd degree patterns.

Medallists for individual patterns | Queenslander Stephanie Galibert (4Dan) with Victorians Alec Kumar (2nd Dan), Master Spiridon and Anastasia Cariotis (3rd Dan).

Centre stage | Australian men's team performing patterns. Below: Australia Vs UK.

Above: Brendan Lacota with Master Spiridon Cariotis. Below: USMA junior competitor Jessie Kioussis looking thrilled with her medal from the ITF International Open. Well done!

Braids anyone? Even Master Spiridon was onboard! Pictured above: Our women's team ready to roll in the warm-up room. They came away with 4 medals each for team victories: Gold (Destruction), Silver (sparring and special technique) and Bronze for patterns.

Adult female squad | Pictured with coaches Master Spiridon Cariotis (7th Dan) and Jung Hwa Taekwondo's Chris Galibert (6th Dan). Team events are not the easiest to coordinate, especially when the competitors live in different states. Congratulations to Kim Warner, Stephanie Galibert, Anastasia Cariotis, Marcia Tsiros, Carysse Shean and Riki Wood on such a stunning performance and thanks to the instructors for their determination and encouragement each step of the way.


All you could hear was the clanging of medals! Pictured here with our amazing teammates from around Australia. We're proud of each and every one of you.

All smiles for USMA's medallists on the final day of the 2016 World Championships. We can't wait for the next one! Go team!

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