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Our History

Since 1993...

For over two decades, USMA Taekwondo has brought martial arts to communities across Melbourne, promoting self-defence, fitness and fostering team spirit.


Since our inception in 1993 at an old church hall in Ashburn Grove, we have established proud partnerships with the YMCA, honed exceptional talent from our students at Ashburton and Carlton recreation centres. We have collaborated with Victorian schools in Kew, Ormond and Preston, helping young learners to thrive in an inclusive, confidence-building environment.


Powerful demonstrations at community festivals around Melbourne have illustrated the might of our Taekwondo family, while we established USMA’s dojang – our official headquarters – in Clayton.


For years we have nurtured strong ties with Taekwondo organisations interstate and abroad. Our club prides itself on the achievements of its students. We are proud that many USMA members have competed successfully not only in local tournaments, but also in overseas championships, showcasing our skills – in sparring, patterns, special technique and power breaking – on a world stage. Our student representatives have attended ITF-sanctioned events in: Argentina, Slovakia, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Slovenia, Canada, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, England, Germany, South Korea, China, Malaysia and the United States.


It is our mission to continue teaching martial arts to communities across Melbourne, and build upon the legacy of the founder of Taekwondo, General Choi Hong Hi.





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