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What we offer:

If you are interested in joining with USMA Taekwondo as a student, or as an affiliated club, please contact Benefits of becoming a USMA member include:

  • International accreditation by the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF)

  • Gradings by an ITF-accredited international instructor/examiner

  • Seminars

  • Tournaments: local, national and overseas

  • Training/workshops

  • Testing to 6th degree Black Belt

  • Training and development for instructors

USMA Taekwondo uses Direct Debit arrangements for the payment of tuition fees.


For more information please email:

Junior classes (children 5-8 yrs)


USMA Taekwondo has a specially-designed program aimed at encouraging health and fitness as a way of life. Our youngest students are exposed to a challenging yet supportive environment through which they are able to have fun while developing discipline, confidence and resilience. Through our program, pee-wee students are raised through the ranking system of their own colour belts, which prepares them for the full Chang Hong Style of ITF Taekwondo which they, in turn, experience when they are ready to move into the more advanced, combined class level. 


Combined and adult classes


USMA Taekwondo provides combined classes throughout the week that are ideal for family members wishing to get fit and learn self-defence together. The classes are designed to suit the needs of older children, teenagers and adults alike, and are suitable for those with an intermediate prociency level.  In this setting, our members are exposed to a supportive training regime through which they are able to have fun, gain confidence, build up self-defence skills and train with a diverse range of people. 

Black Belt classes


Black Belt lessons are advanced classes created exclusively for senior ranking students who train at a highly competitive level. These sessions are run by invitation only and are specifically tailored for those who hold the ranking of Black Belt (1st Degree and above). Our senior students regularly compete in local, state and international competitions, and it is in these classes they hone their skills in sparring, patterns, power breaking and special technique. For those with expert proficency in Taekwondo, the technical aspects of our martial art are refined here and remain the key focus of Black Belt training. 

Black Belt Training
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